c y r u s p i r e h:
was has is
born 3/22/1981 performed at NYC venues:
Downtown Brooklyn
Chashama Gallery
Flushing Town Hall
Issue Project Room
SI Ferry
Cake Shop
Silent Barn
Mercury Lounge
Wash. Sq. Park Mulch Hill
others. . .
The world's greatest living electric guitarist
a food delivery person been reviewed:

". . . will appeal to fans of musique concrete and experimental noise." - Existence Establishment

rolling stone!

"Better than Hendrix" - French Professor

"electric guitar legend" L Etoile

"I certainly do not remember hearing sounds like those. . . " Centipede Farm

"The sax player on the right isn't even in the band. He just appeared out of the crowd, skronked through one song and then disappeared. The band never acknowledged that he was there."- blackmetalbanjos

"cyrus creates a music that reflects on itself..."

"Some dude wanders up blowing a horn. He just sort of appears and nobody stops to say anything like, Hey, welcome to the horn guy, or, Who is that with the horn."- Mike Powell

"And there may have been folks there named: . . .Cyrus Pireh"- Joseph M. Brenner

"the @cyruspireh ditty is way louder than the previous song" -@AccusedWizard KyleR.
a street musician
a cutter of mosaic glass performed at Buenos Aires venues:
Cobra Libros
una casa
Bar Guebara
Avenida Del Libertador
others. . .
an electric guitar instructor
a cleaner of rat cages performed at Japan venues:
Art Space Bar Buena TOKYO
others. . .
a resident of Duluth, MN
a cinema projectionist a CV and resume electric guitarist in:
Angry Feminists
Chase Down Blue
guitarist in bands:
partial brain dysfunktion
empty orchestra
Agassiz Oscillation Ensemble
appeared on Argentine national television along with the band HONDURAS on the wildly popular program "Peter Capusotto y sus videos" an alto saxophonist
a school bus driver a detailed list of performances HERE a drummer
a resident of:
Hoffman Estates,IL
Champaign, IL
New York, NY
Astoria, NY
Saint Paul, MN
Buenos Aires, ARG
Minneapolis, MN
developed an autoguitar a sound artist
athletic performed at MPLS/STPAUL Venues:
Walker Art Museum
Belfry Center
Kitty Cat Club
Minneapolis Public Library
Triple Rock Social Club
Northern Spark
Hack Factory
Hexagon Bar
Seward Cafe
Big V's
Metropolitan State University
Turf Club
Castle Greyskull
Acadia Cafe
Terminal Bar
Book House
others. . .
a performer
a student at:
Hoffman Estates High School
University of Chicago
University of Illinois
produced a 2006 - 2007 NYC winter performance series for group 10/18xTRN featuring players from Chicago, Durham NC, and NYC a composer
a student of:
Z. Browning
V. Globokar
S. Wyatt
S. Tipei
H. Von Gunden
H. Taube
T. Ranttila
A. Ptak
performed at Chicago venues:
The Fireside Bowl (2001)
Metal Shaker
Ron's The's Hill's
Lakeshore Theatre
a producer
a research assistant MM and BA Degrees in Music Composition from University of Illinois a sound engineer
a packer in a medical supplies warehouse a player of the charango
high school valedictorian been broadcast on WNUR 89.3 FM, KFAI, and on WESN 88.1 FM a composition instructor
an office worker performed as a member of skeletons, cock esp, laundry room squelchers a violinist
a restaurant host produced a 13 day midwest to eastcoast tour june 2009 4GRE FORGERY
in various string orchestras composed works for virtual instruments married
a grader of standardized tests produced a 14 day midwest to Florida tour july-august 2010 a scavanger
a sessions guitarist an internet presence:
label: www.4GRE.ORG
bio: www.4GRE.ORG/C/bio
facebook: www.facebook.com/cyrus.pireh
twitter: @cyruspireh
tumblr: http://4gre.tumblr.com/
vimeo: www.vimeo.com/cyruspireh
ravelry.com: cyru5
skype: cyrusp5
a teaching assistant produced a 3 part recital series in nov-dec 2004 a ney flautist
a nanny to date produced 66 official and countless unofficial records of original work guitarist in the band Shiloh
a pro audio salesperson a large mustache a knitter
an adjunct instructor one cat an anarchist
a newspaper classified ad salesperson half of CYRUSVANCE
a janitor
a university instructor
an activities coordinator

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cyrus creates a music that reflects on itself from the inside outward. it is part of a
world ahead of its time and critical of its velocity. the music is obscure yet familiar.
it has the audible tinge of an old jazz recording, and the hep cat contemporaneous
stylings of chicago drum bass. it is attention to detail, and an obliteration of
artiface. it is a composed series of relating objects in a dance with resistant harmonic
structure. it is music now that we may not know yet. it is relevant to a discussion no
one seems to want to have, but will be inevitably forced to recon with. it is over
bang on a can, it is crushed can into plowshare exuberance. It is an ambitious project
hinting at a fearless music, electrified by past and present technology. It could be
more when self-consciousness becomes conscious intention confident in its failures
looking forward to future successes, blinded by its own vision. I suggest we all
listen. a protocinematic vice. -anthony ptak (writing on the work of cyrus pireh)

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