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SHIN053 Alan Courtis & Cyrus Pireh COILS ON MALBEC What possibilities does wine offer as a sound source for making music? As a possible response to this interrogation, the North American record label Shinkyo has recently released on vinyl LP a unique sonic project that explores the electromagnetic properties of wine. Coils on Malbec is the product of a collaboration between Argentine composer Alan Courtis and usa composer Cyrus Pireh. The album was entirely produced with coils - originating in Minneapolis, usa - that capture the electromagnetic variation of the Malbec wine, translating it into sound. The recording session took place in Buenos Aires in October 2013 which explains the use of the emblematic Malbec varietal of Argentina as a source of sonic investigation. The recorded material was edited in the studio by both composers between 2014 and 2015, and then mastered. The album contains 2 long tracks: "Coils on Malbec" and "Malbec on Coils" on sides A and B respectively. The LP was pressed in the Czech Republic on translucent wine-colored purple vinyl. BUY FROM SHINKOYO LP 1 2016
4GRE066 cyrus pireh Music as Cultural Resistance 22 minute piece originally released as part of a 4-way split on the ZOME label. Alto saxophone, 9 string telecaster, hearing tester, synthesizer, tape delay, patience tester. CD 1 2015
4GRE065 cyrus pireh Music as Social Change UMD042015 Performance/presentation of new anarchist music composition at the University of Minnesota Duluth. 40+ participants plus 9 string telecaster and metronome. CD 1 2015
4GRE064 kawol samarkand & cyrus pireh DUOS V: Live @ Club AIREGIN Yokohama 07/13/2014 Spontaneous duo performance at Yokohama, JAPAN jazz club AIREGIN. Electric guitar plus future lute. One of my all time favorite performing experiences. CD 2 2015
4GRE063 cyrus pireh 4GRE prescription bottle electric guitar amplifiers Portable, practical, prescription strength. $25. Please read all about it HERE Rx 2015
4GRE062 cyrus pireh SPACED OUT TRACKS FOR ALE ( track 1 track 2 track 3 ) Surfing the tape delay into deep space: swirling, floyd-esque. Final jazzmaster recording. Also features future lute strat and drums. CD 3 2015
4GRE061 cyrus pireh Live in-store @ Electric Fetus Duluth June 13, 2015 9 string telecaster, future lute strat, pill bottle amplifier with reflex horn, and pignose. Epic 70 minute set-- the furthest out and most burning yet. Coltrane, Ornette. CD 1 2015
4GRE060 cyrus pireh Live @ Jefferson People's House Duluth, MN June 12, 2015 First use of pill bottle amplifier with reflex horn speaker. 9 string telecaster. Ornette CD 1 2015
4GRE059 cyrus pireh Live @ Gamut Gallery Minneapolis June 6, 2015 9 string telecaster through pill bottle preamp and Dayton Audio power amplifier. Freebird. CD 1 2015
4GRE058 cyrus pireh Live Radio K Feb. 15, 2015 CD 1 2015
4GRE057 cyrus pireh Live Ridgewood Jan. 21, 2015 A 9 string telecaster seance-session at Trans Pecos II complete with circle of candles. Borrowed a tube Deluxe that bubbled away under the strain adding a queasy, rubbery coat to the proceedings. CD 1 2015
4GRE056 cyrus pireh Live Boston Jan. 23, 2015 Live performance at NEC house party Jan 23, 2015. 9 string telecaster through keyboard amp in kitchen. much cooking of the amp. CD 1 2015
4GRE055 cyrus pireh working CD 1 2015
4GRE054 cyrus pireh Burning:Duluth CD 1 2015
4GRE053 CYRUSVANCE Banned from Hexagon DVD 1 2015
4GRE052 cyrus pireh Live in Downtown Brooklyn CD 1 2015
4GRE051 SHILOH baba yaga CASS 3 2015
4GRE050 cyrus pireh Still Here, Still Ripping: Live in Japan 2014 CD 3 2015
4GRE049 Angry Feminists Tour '10 CD 2015
4GRE048 older BUS CD 7 2015
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book n/a 2013
SHIN043 cyrus pireh & honduras CYRUS PIREH & HONDURAS
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LP 3 2013
4GRE047 cyrus pireh 2005 CD 6 2013
4GRE046 cyrus pireh LIVE AT TURF CLUB 11-29-2012 CD 1 2013
4GRE045 cyrus pireh 100 STREETS #41-50 CD 1 2012
DSC#097 alan courtis & cyrus pireh URITORCO
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C-32 6 2013
4GRE044 cyrus pireh 100 STREETS #31-40 CD 1 2012
4GRE043 cyrus pireh FACE medium-form guitar and electroacoustic music piece CD 1 2012
4GRE042 bucyrusohio NEY DREAMS ON THE COAST OF INFINITE SILVER 5 tracks of psychadelic ney flute performance from free-free jazz performers BucyrusOhio. CD 5 2012
4GRE041 cyrus pireh LIVES IN BSAS Live performances from 2011 Buenos Aires CD 2 2012
4GRE040 cyrus pireh P.U.S.H.T.H.E.C.U.T.#6 Sixth release in the PTC series of solo electric guitar studies. Recorded to tape in Buenos Aires in a single take. Features the amazing sounds of Avenida San Juan. CD-EP 1 2011
4GRE039 cyrus pireh AUTOGUITAR Two motors spin and pluck strings continuously. Controls: motors on/off, pickups on/off. Runs on 9v battery. Featured on 4GRE32, 4GRE29. $10,000. 2007
4GRE038 cyrus pireh (SOLD)JAZZ STYLE ELECTRIC GUITAR Neck pickup wound out by hand from stock 6.4K ohms to 9.86K ohms for amazing piano-like sustain. No other j@zzmaster will match it. 6-string config. Featured on 4GRE12, 4GRE27 2009
4GRE037 cyrus pireh (SOLD)LOTUS ELECTRIC GUITAR styled for portability. Featured on 4GRE30 2006
4GRE036 cyrus pireh (SOLD)ULTRA-LIGHT PORTABLE AMPLIFIER 1/4" mono input, 1/4" mono line out. 5 watts through 2.5" speaker. 9v battery power. 2009
4GRE035 angry feminists BRA BURNERS All tracks recorded live to tape. CD-EP 5 2010
4GRE034 angry feminists TOUR09 Complete recordings of 4 shows from 2009 tour. Chicago, IL @Ron's the's Hill's; New York City @Cakeshop; Durham, NC @Lou's; Bloomington, IL @Pool Party House. 2xCD 4 2010
4GRE033 cyrus pireh TOUR09 A wild set at ABCNORIO father's day 2009 that was the second of three NYC shows in two days (never again!) and a brain in the frying pan slab of electric guitar recorded at Chicago club Metal Shaker a few days later. What a decade. CD 2 2009
4GRE032 cyrus pireh LYVE/MYLD STPAUL Two tracks of electric guitar recorded during an evening-length performance at Metrostate University. The third track is a weird autoguitar-sax set at Big V's that was much further out than what I was playing when I got kicked out of that place. CD 3 2009
4GRE031 cyrus pireh LYVE/WYLD MPLS This is the introduction to Minneapolis 2007. Electric guitar set at Castle Greyskull which I discovered I lived down the street from. Electric sax-synth with Joe Damman in the Belfry Center. I remember there were a lot of wide eyes and scratching heads. CD 2 2009
4GRE030 cyrus pireh 100 STREETS #21-30 CD 1 2007
4GRE029 cyrus pireh P.U.S.H.T.H.E.C.U.T.#5 CD-EP 1 2007
4GRE028 bucyrusohio YOU COULD TELL THAT! CD 2 2007
4GRE027 cyrus pireh LIVE 3/24/07 6/18/06 solo elec. guit. Flushing Town Hall + ABCNORIO performances CD 2 2007
4GRE026 cyrus pireh P.U.S.H.T.H.E.C.U.T.#4 $75 - autograph score 2007
4GRE025 CMOSCM 02/25/07 live ensemble performance personnel: c.pireh on alto and tubesax, m.mehlan on alto, o.junker on percussion and keys, s.dulberger on upright bass, c.welcome on electric guitar, m.krausch on vocals, clementine. Whenever people came to town, I had gotten it into my head to put together shows for them to play in. Otto was in town so I put a call in to Goodbye Blue Monday way out on Kosciusko. It was a frigid, snowy night in February but the assembled players laid down a burning, firey set. CD 1 2007
4GRE024 David Zielinski + cyrus pireh DUOS IV sax, trumpet, synthesizer, perc CD 2 2007
4GRE023 10/18xTRN NYC WINTER PERFORMANCE SERIES 2006 - 2007 personnel: c.pireh, m.krausch, d.zielinski, t.ranttila, m.mehlan, s.dulberger Three live recordings by the group of an amazing gig at the Cakeshop, a New Years eve set at ABCNORIO before the whole night went to hell, and an extremely chill happening on the World Trade Center E platform. The set on the Staten Island Ferry will have to live on in our memories because I forgot to un-pause the tape. . . CD 3 2007
4GRE022 cyrus pireh 100 STREETS #11-20 CD 1 2006
4GRE021 cyrus pireh 100 STREETS #1-10 CD 1 2006
4GRE020 cyrus pireh P.U.S.H.T.H.E.C.U.T.#3 CD-EP 2 2006
4GRE019 MIR VOL1 - SPEAKER MELTERselect max or min. includes source code. USE AT OWN RISK $1 (max) (min) (fmax) (fmin) - source code 2006
4GRE018 HCA 2005 VOL.1 VOL.2 $1 - CD 8 2006
4GRE017 Jeremy Armstrong + cyrus pireh DUOS III mandolin + elec. guitar + sax CD 2 2006
4GRE016 cyrus pireh P.U.S.H.T.H.E.C.U.T.#2/M.I.N.O.R.A.N.T.H.E.M.S.solo electric guitar/violin CD-EP 2 2006
4GRE015 cyrus pireh cyrus Thirdly May '06 out of print - CD - 2006
4GRE014 Anthony Jay Ptak + cyrus pireh DUOS II *please contact for info* - CD - 2006
4GRE13 Anthony Jay Ptak + cyrus pireh DUOS I *please contact for info* - 2xCD - 2006
4GRE012 cyrus pireh P.U.S.H.T.H.E.C.U.T.#1 CD-EP 1 2006
4GRE011 DTH DTHOPR CD 5 2006
4GRE010 cyrus pireh cyrus Thirdly Jan '06 out of print - CD - 2006
4GRE009 DIY DISCOGRAPHY - 2xCD 22 2005
4GRE008 cyrus pireh WORKS II: 2003 - 2004 CD 4 2004
4GRE007 cyrus pireh OPENNESS $100 - VHS 1 2004
4GRE006 DIY/END ME SPLIT 7" - 7"vinyl 4 2004
4GRE005 cyrus pireh WORKS I: 2001-2003 CD 8 2004
4GRE004 cyrus pireh RECITAL 05/08/04 CD 6 2004
4GRE003 older CARSONGS - CD-EP 7 2002
4GRE002 matt cohn + david zielinski + cyrus pireh LIVE@JOE'S - CD 1 2000